How to Sync your Ujoin and NeonCRM Accounts

Why Should I do This?

– Along with helping get policy wins, your action pages will be a great source of new people for your list, as well as knowing which actions your new & existing members are taking.

– As your members (and newly added members) take action on your Ujoin action pages, those actions will show up in NeonCRM as “action titles” associated with that specific member.

– Moving forward, you’ll be able to search, sort, and create custom lists based upon which actions your members took.  This should be really useful to you for email blasts and fundraising appeals.

Below are instructions on how to sync your accounts:

What to do in Ujoin

 1.  Go to your organizational settings,

 2.  Scroll down,  and add

a.   NeonCRM API Key, and

b.  Organizational I.D., then

3.  Click “SAVE CHANGES”

(see image below)

If you’re just creating a brand new Ujoin account, you’ll need to sign up, click “START A CAMPAIGN” and add your organization’s name.

How to get your NeonCRM API Key:



What to do in NeonCRM

  1.  Go to “System Settings”, then “Home Dashboard”
  2.  Click on “Custom Objects (beta)” —  (under “Developer Tools”)
  3.  Click on the “Ujoin” object (see image)

custom object ujoin

4.  Change from “Active” to “Inactive”  (green button)


5. Click “neon account i.d.”  (under “custom fields and relationships”)

ujoin acct id


6.  Scroll all the way down to “add system related lists” and TURN IT  “ON”

7.  Give it  a “section title”  — probably want to use “Ujoin” as section title

8. Scroll up and hit  “save”

9.  Once that is done you’ll need to set Ujoin back to “ACTIVE”  (see step 4)


Now, if you click on the profile of on of your members, you’ll see which action pages they’ve taken action on.  Similarly, you’ll be able to perform different actions within NeonCRM based upon the “action titles” associated with your members.

(For customers) What Data is Sent From Ujoin to NeonCRM?

Whether it’s a new person being added or a current member, Ujoin will add/update the following fields:

– firstName
– lastName
– email1
– phone1
– PrimaryAddress
– addressLine1
– addressLine2
– city
– zipCode

And here is the new field that gets added to new or existing members (as they start taking action on your action pages):

*Action Title – this is what identifies your unique action pages.  The Action Title gets associated with each member (Neon_Account_ID_c) that takes action.

*Basically speaking, your members will be “tagged” with the “Action Title” — that’s title of the action page they took action on.  Moving forward, you’ll be able to search, sort, and create custom lists based upon which actions your members took.  This will be really useful to you.

(For Developers)  What Data is Sent From Ujoin to NeonCRM?

This actually based upon the type you request, so it should be consistent


Fields Sent for create or update:
Field Prefix:
  FIELD                                              TYPE
  firstName             TEXT / STRING
  lastName              TEXT / STRING
  email1                 TEXT / STRING
  phone1                TEXT / STRING
Field Prefix:
  FIELD                                  TYPE
  isPrimaryAddress       TEXT / STRING
  addressLine1               TEXT / STRING
  addressLine2              TEXT / STRING
  city                                TEXT / STRING                  TEXT / STRING
  zipCode                        TEXT / STRING
We also create a custom record with the fields:
  FIELD                                               TYPE
  name              TEXT / STRING 
  Neon_Account_ID_c     MASTER_DETAIL




Will Ujoin Create Duplicates of Members in NeonCRM?

No, it won’t, unless someone uses a different email address.  If Jane Doe signs an action page and Jane Doe is already in your NeonCRM database, Ujoin will update the information instantly in NeonCRM.

If, though, Jane Doe signs a Ujoin action page with an email that is different from the one in NeonCRM, then it will create a new person.


When Does Ujoin Sync With NeonCRM?

These updates happen instantly when someone signs your Ujoin action page.